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AFTER care

Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision. Every family will be different and we are here  to help guide you through this important last rite of passage.  


Heavenly Paws is able to offer dignified private and communal cremation services through our partner, The Pet Loss Center in Melbourne, FL.  Regardless of what type of cremation you elect, we will transport your pet's remains from your home following your visit. You are, of course, welcome to keep your pet's remains and manage your own aftercare if that is your wish.


Private cremation 

Your pet is cremated individually and the ashes are then placed in a cherry wood urn with an engraved nameplate and will be returned to your primary care veterinarian within 1 week.  They can also be made available directly from the crematory or mailed to your home or office.  This package includes a clay paw print, fur clipping, and grief support literature.  

Communal Cremation

All pets will be treated with dignity and care throughout every cremation process. For those pet owners who choose not to have their pet’s ashes returned to them, these ashes will be scattered in a beautiful scattering area.

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